Upholstery cleaning THANET



We offer a quick-drying and environmentally-friendly upholstery cleaning service. This work is carried out by our carpet cleaning and upholstery technicians using industrial hot water extraction equipment along with commercial fabric cleaning products. In addition to restoring the appearance of fabric suites, we can also clean mattresses, headboards and curtains.

Our Process

The process for getting your upholstery cleaned begins with booking an appointment. Contact the A1 team for a quote, and we can arrange a convenient time to visit. On the day of your appointment, you will be greeted by our friendly technicians.

Before we can begin cleaning your upholstery, we must first identify the type of fabric and select the correct cleaning solution, paying particular attention to the PH value.

The actual cleaning process starts by thoroughly pre-vacuuming the fabric to remove any loose dirt or dust. A fine mist of a safe pre-spray is then applied and agitated (i.e. scrubbed) with a soft upholstery brush. This allows us to break down surface oils and soils while keeping the internal padding and fillings of your upholstery perfectly dry. We finish off by rinsing the solution out of the fabric using the Sapphire upholstery hand tool, which provides precision flow and vacuum control.

The benefits of a professional service

Some types of fabrics are more prone to dye bleeds, texture change, ring-marking, or shrinking than others. Water-sensitive fabrics, such as silk, cannot be wet-cleaned and instead must be cleaned by hand using a fine fabric solvent cleaning.



We also offer a thorough, cost-effective leather cleaning service for all types of leather suites and sofas, from pigmented leather to Nu-buck. Our technicians have had extensive training from LTT Leathercare, a recognised British leather care specialist.

Leather is a material which requires special skills and techniques to get it looking shiny and new again. At A1 Carpet Cleaning, our technicians can identify the leather finish of a suite when selecting the appropriate cleaning method. For example, most of the dirt on pigmented leather will sit on the surface, while Suede and Numbuck are very absorbent. We can then professionally clean your leather upholstery, using the best available products. To extend their life by finishing with a luxurious, nourishing protection cream to extend the life of your upholstery.