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Our process


In order to restore worn Karndean, LVT, and Amtico A1 Carpet cleaning use a simple but effective process and a selection of specialist cleaning solutions. Our solutions are absolutely safe for use on all types of LVT help us to achieve outstanding results. It’s important to use only specific solutions on LVT flooring, the wrong solutions can sometimes actually cause damage themselves.

Initially we dry sweep the flooring remove surface dust and dirt. We need to get any and all particles out of the way so as not to ruin the finish of the clean. With the floor full swept, we prepare our cleaning solutions.

Where LVT becomes scratched, marked or stained, specialist treatments will be applied to the affected areas. Scratches, white spots and black marks will be buffed out where possible, or filled if necessary. If a particular plank has been damaged beyond repair we may occasionally suggest a replacement plank but this is rare.

With any surface markings taken care of, carefully selected PH neutral solutions are gradually diluted to the right consistency before being thoroughly applied to the floor. Once the floor has properly dried it will be ready for use.

For a deeper clean, we can also strip, steam clean refinish LVT flooring. This process is slightly longer but still quick enough to complete the same day. We’d recommend a refresh around once a year. Initially a stripper is applied to prepare the surface for dressing, the stripper is then washed away and the refreshing dressing solution applied. If your Karndean, amtico or LVT floor has lost its sheen, this is the service is one you will need. Once the floor is dressed it will regain its unique satin appearance.


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