Our Process

The process for getting your carpets cleaned begins with booking an appointment. Contact the A1 team for a quote, and we can arrange a convenient time to clean your carpets.

On the day of your appointment, you will be greeted by our friendly carpet cleaning professional. No pre-clean preparation is necessary – all we ask is for pets and children to be kept clear of the area while we work. The A1 team are happy to help with moving small items of furniture that are manageable by one person. Generally we ask that any Nik Naks (Speakers, ornaments, coffee tables, rugs etc) are removed before we arrive. 

Carpet cleaning starts with vacuuming. We use a professional-grade vacuum that outperforms any domestic vacuum that you may use. As well as removing dust and grit, this vacuum also helps lift the pile with a brushing action.

The next stage is to apply a pre-treatment. At A1, we use several different brands of pre-spray-treatment as each carpet is different. Our cleaning solutions use natural molecular technology combined with advanced biotechnology techniques. Our products are non-toxic to humans and pets, fully biodegradable and derived from sustainable renewable resources.

The pre-spray is followed by ‘agitating’ the carpet – in other words, giving it a good scrub with a professional agitating machine. The machine removes impacted dry soil, lifts the carpet pile and also removes any hair not gathered up by the vacuum.

The carpet has now been prepared for the main cleaning process: hot water extraction. This process involves spraying a cleaning solution into the carpet under pressure at over 110 degrees Celsius. The solution will rinse the fibers free of the pre-spray, dissolved dirt, oils, and loose debris.

Our process ends with us using a carpet rake to reset the pile upon request and helping to replace the furniture. 

After Getting Your Carpet Cleaned

Your carpets can take up to several hours to dry. For the best results, we recommend that you avoid walking on the area cleaned where possible until the carpet has completely dried.

Carpet manufacturers recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. We hope you’ll think of A1 and contact us again when it is time for your annual clean!


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