Carpet Cleaning Price List

At A1 Carpet Cleaning Margate our pricing structure is simple. For carpets in a domestic setting there are just two prices per area. And two price brackets for upholstery too depending on whether your furniture has fixed one sided cushions, or whether both sides require cleaning (Flipable).

First Room


Every area after


Armchair Fixed cushion


Armchair Flipable cushions


2 seater Fixed cushion


2 seater Flipable cushions


3 seater Fixed cushion


3 seater Flipable cushions


4 seater Fixed cushion


4 seater Flipable cushions


Small corner sofa up to 5 seater Fixed cushion


Small corner sofa up to 5 seater Flipable cushions


large corner sofa up to 5 seater Fixed cushion


Large corner sofa up to 5 seater Flipable cushions


Footstool Fixed cushion


Footstool Flippable cushions


Commercial Cleaning

£4.00 Per SQ metre

Fine fabrics

from £50.00

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Terms and Conditions

  1. First room/ Area will be charged at £40.00 no matter how small. This is our minimum charge for residents in Margate, Ramsgate, Westgate-on-sea, Birchington, Broadstairs, St-Peters.
  2. Stain removal is not guaranteed, we endeavor to remove all staining with a standard clean however some advance stains may require advanced stain removal techniques at a further cost at the clients say-so. We will never add more money to a job without your approval.
  3. These prices are for residents of Thanet only. For clients outside of thanet we have a £100 mininum spend and a 40 mile maximum travel cap.
  4. Each area cleaned after the initial room will be £20.00 this is for EACH area the following all class as individual areas (Lounge, dining room, hallway, stairs/landing, porch, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens)
  5. Any room over 6M wide will be classed as two areas (£60.00) For example lounge diners and through rooms.
  6. Commercial cleaning is charged at £4.00 per square metre. Square meterage is calculated using state-of-the-art precision laser measuring equipment.
  7. Commercial cleaning is generally cleaned out of hours/ out of season to limit footfall on damp areas.
  8. Carpets repairs start at £80.00 this is for a repair around the size of a £2.00 coin.
  9. Fine fabric cleaning prices differ in price to regular upholstery/fabric for example Wool, Sisal, Velour, Velvet, Crushed velvet, Viscose etc this will be explained in the pre- inspection.
  10. If the item you describe to us differs in size when we visit then we will correct the price upon inspection. For example you book in for a 2 seater sofa when it is infact a 3 seater. Or if you book in a non fine fabric job which turns out to be fine fabric. (Labels are usually under the seating pads).
  11. A charge of 100% applies to appointments cancelled within a 48 hour period if you wish to rebook/move to another date. We will not re-book you in unless this payment has been made and has cleared. This is in all circumstances including Covid-19 pings.
  12. There is no upfront charge for your first booking.
  13. By continuing to book with A1 you agree to have read and understood these terms and conditions.