Carpet Cleaning Price List

At A1 Carpet Cleaning Margate our pricing structure is simple. For carpets in a domestic setting there are just two prices per area. And a set price for upholstery providing you]re not super fancy and have posh fabrics like real velvet or suede.

First Room


Every area after




2 Seater Sofa


3 Seater Sofa


4 Seater Sofa


Small Corner sofa (Up to 5 seater)


Large corner sofa (5-8 seater)


Commercial Cleaning

£4.75 Per SQ metre



Fine fabrics, Cotton, real velvet, viscose etc

from £150.00

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Terms and Conditions

  1. First room/ Area will be charged at £40.00 no matter how small. This is our minimum charge for residents in Margate, Ramsgate, Westgate-on-sea, Birchington, Broadstairs, St-Peters.
  2. Stain removal is not guaranteed, we endeavor to remove all staining with a standard clean however some advance stains may require advanced stain removal techniques at a further cost at the clients say-so. We will never add more money to a job without your approval.
  3. These prices are for residents of Thanet only. For clients outside of thanet, we have a £100 minimum spend and a 40-mile maximum travel cap.
  4. Each area cleaned after the initial room will be £27.50  this is for EACH area the following all class as individual areas (Lounge, dining room, hallway, stairs/landing, porch, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens)
  5. Any room over 6M wide will be classed as two areas (£65.00) For example lounge diners and through rooms.
  6. Commercial cleaning is charged at £4.75 per square metre. Square meterage is calculated using state-of-the-art precision laser measuring equipment.
  7. Commercial cleaning is generally cleaned out of hours/ out of season to limit footfall on damp areas.
  8. Carpets repairs start at £80.00 this is for a repair around the size of a £2.00 coin.
  9. Fine fabric cleaning prices differ in price to regular upholstery/fabric for example Wool, Sisal, Velour, Velvet, Crushed velvet, Viscose etc this will be explained in the pre-inspection.
  10. If the item you describe to us differs in size when we visit then we will correct the price upon inspection. For example, you book in for a 2 seater sofa when it is in fact a 3 seater. Or if you book in a non-fine fabric job that turns out to be fine fabric. (Labels are usually under the seating pads).
  11. A charge of 100% applies to appointments canceled within a 48 hour period if you wish to rebook/move to another date. We will not re-book you in unless this payment has been made and has cleared. This is in all circumstances including Covid-19 pings.
  12. There is no upfront charge for your first booking.
  13. By continuing to book with A1 you agree to have read and understood these terms and conditions.